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CMA offers services to customers, shippers and truckers to accommodate a multitude of special situations.

  • CMA is large enough to offer customers Total Invoicing.  Many receivers find it necessary to limit the number of vendors in their system.  As a result CMA offers a single vendor solution through Total Invoicing for the many shippers and truckers required to assure full coverage.
  • CMA provides Less Than Truckload (LTL) services from California and Texas to receivers in the Midwest.  Because of the concentration of customers in core areas of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Western Pennsylvania and Western New York we load several trucks every week that can accommodate a partial load of fresh produce.
  • CMA offers truckers cash advances during loading as well as several payment options ranging from Next Day Pay to Standard Pay of 21 days.  Payment options can be found on the Carrier Registration link within this website.
  • CMA can provide Factoring Services to carriers under certain circumstances.

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